Introduce Tiled Balcony And The Top 6 Best Balcony Tiles

The balcony is one of the most loved areas of any home. The corner of the balcony is a place where we can chill in our free time or after stressful working hours. From sipping a cup of coffee in the morning to relaxing in the cool night breeze after dinner, everyone from children to the elderly in the house gathers together to chat and enjoy… Take advantage, the balcony is a place for daily activities such as drying clothes, washing machine, wash basin … when the indoor area is limited. One of the easiest ways to give your balcony a new look is to choose the right type of wall tiles, balcony tiles. This helps elevate the look of your balcony corner.

Because the balcony is a space that is often subjected to the effects of the weather such as rain, sun, wind, dust,…, so that the selection of balcony tiles for this space is very important, the balcony tiles must ensure criteria such as good strength, heat resistance, and durability, beautiful over the years. Through this article, Australiatiler will give you some tips for choosing balcony tiles and suggest some ideas for choosing beautiful balcony tiles.



1. Material

Today’s ceramic tile products are very diverse in terms of product materials. In which, ceramic tiles, granite, natural stone, etc. are popular and popular materials.

The balcony is an area that is frequented by people with high density. Therefore, good-bearing tiles are the priority when choosing tiles for this space.

1. Material


In addition, tiles with effective water resistance, heat resistance, and good waterproofing will be the first choice for this space. Besides, due to frequent exposure to rainwater, the balcony floor is prone to mold and moisture, so you can use matte or glossy ceramic tiles as an anti-slip solution for this area. Do not choose tiles with a surface that is too rough, rough, this will make it difficult to clean and clean.

For example, you can choose granite tiles for the balcony area of the house. Because this type of tile has a strong brick bone, a scratch-resistant surface helps the balcony area always retain its inherent beauty, ensuring the longevity of the work.

2. Color

The most basic rule when coordinating balcony tiles is to harmonize with the color of wall tiles and wall paint. There are many color scheme ideas such as mixing the same color, colors with the same color tone, completely monochrome or contrasting, creating accents… How to make the overall look harmonious and pleasing to the eye is a successful color scheme.

Normally, the balcony is where you decorate the potted plants, you can add a small table and chairs to drink tea… Therefore, the color of the balcony tiles should be gentle, similar to the green color of flowers and leaves to create a cool, comfortable space. Colors such as white, turquoise, dark green, light blue, light navy, light brown, cream,…. are often popular.

3. Size of tiles

The balcony space is usually small. Therefore, when choosing the size of tiles, attention should be paid to ensuring the ratio is balanced and harmonious, so as not to reduce the aesthetic value. Normally, balcony tiles should choose the type with sizes 30×30 cm, 40×40 cm, or long-sized imitation wood tiles are most suitable.

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1. Raw Brick

The rough, unpatterned bricks often create a Western-style, luxurious, and classic space. The raw brick color is a bit red-orange, but it matches a lot of tile and wall colors. In particular, the raw brick mixes with the green brick of the ornamental plants and the deep colors of the surrounding interior.

Raw brick color for the balcony wall in the rustic and natural style

2. Faux Wood Tiles

Wood imitation brick is a beautiful combination of wood and ceramic, making the surface more durable and reducing maintenance costs. This balcony wall tile design is extremely popular and should be considered before making the final choice. Wood color with brown tones is a neutral color, so it is suitable for both hot and cold colors of floor tiles and wall paint. Wall decoration with faux wood tiles combined with the background color creates a classic space. The textures and colors of the wood grain on the tiles are very diverse, so you can freely choose the one that suits you best.

Faux wood tiles are great for balcony walls because they need limited maintenance and are cost-effective.

3. Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tile is one of the most popular flooring types for outdoor areas, making it a great choice for a balcony wall tile design. Popular and widely available in the market, Porcelain tiles are more durable than ceramic tiles. These tiles are quite hard, strong, and extremely durable, making them a great choice for outdoor spaces where heavy rain, snow, …

Porcelain tiles are most suited for balconies that have to endure many external weather conditions such as rain and snow.

In addition, porcelain tiles have anti-slip properties for the balcony floor. They are available in a variety of colors and sizes, making them the perfect choice for wall tiles designed for balconies.

4. Ceramic Tiles

White or gray ceramic tiles never go out of style; they can be considered as the most basic option available in the market, it is a great choice for balcony tile design. The use of ceramic tiles on balcony floors is beneficial as these tiles are made by molding clay into the shape of bricks and are available in custom designs. These bricks are commonly used in commercial establishments such as offices, hotels, and hospitals…

Ceramic tiles have become a popular choice amongst property owners that do not want a bright, into-the-eye design for balcony walls.

5. Natural Stone

Natural limestone is often used in flooring design. These outdoor wall tiles for the balcony give it a classic appearance and offer safety as the material is anti-slip! Simple natural limestone wall tiles for balcony design give an elegant, timelessly beautiful upgrade to your outdoor area that will never go out of style.

Natural stone tiles are a classic flooring choice that will never go out of style.

6. Granite Tiles

Granite is a scratch-resistant tile and thus has become hugely popular for balcony installation.

Granite is an extremely resistant volcanic rock that may be utilized as floor or wall tiles. Granite tiles are scratch-resistant, but you must polish them regularly to maintain this quality and the sheen of the tile. In many cases, Granite is the preferred tile design of people who love everything related to the color black! For such property owners, the best tiles for a balcony wall might be the ones gleaming with black Granite.


On the market today, there are many suppliers of floor tiles with diverse sizes and designs. If you are wondering which address to choose, come to Australiatiler. We are proud to be a reputable unit specializing in providing genuine construction materials from big brands.

Hopefully, the above information that we bring will help you save time choosing to own a satisfactory balcony space! In addition, Australiatiler also provides screeding and tiling services for your floors with guaranteed quality and affordable prices. Quickly contact us via the hotline at 041515999 or visit our website Australiatiler to receive the best advice and offers.

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