What Are The Benefits Of Tiled Outdoor Walls?

Outdoor wall tiles are a trend in exterior design and decoration today, aiming to increase the aesthetics and protect the house from the erratic changes of the weather. In the following article, Australiatiler will give the benefits of outdoor wall tiles and the criteria for choosing outdoor wall tiles to own a durable and beautiful building. At the same time, suggest to readers some types of outdoor wall tiles.

Exterior wall tiles will protect the house when subjected to many impacts from the environment, weather such as rain, sun, wind, and dust,…


1. Increase the aesthetics of the house

Wall tiles are the core element that makes the walls in the house lively and impressive. There are many types of outdoor wall tiles, and they vary in style, design, material, to color, making it easy for you to choose.

Choosing the right outdoor wall tiles gives the house a sense of synchronicity and style. Your wall looks like a large work of art with many different styles and colors

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2. Protect the wall against inclement weather

Unlike the interior, the exterior is subject to many influences from the environment and weather such as rain, sun, wind, storm, dust, etc. Without good protection measures, the wall after a period of use will be permeable to water, moss, peeling, cracking, and serious deterioration. This is not only unsightly but also dangerous for family members.

Outdoor wall tiles have the effect of preventing the wall surface from being directly exposed to the outside environment, preventing dust, and making it easy to clean and sanitize. Thanks to that, for a long time, the exterior of the house is clean, shiny, and especially not peeling or moldy.

3. Save on construction and maintenance costs

Many people mistakenly think that the investment cost of outdoor wall tiles is much higher than the cost of using water-based paint. But in fact, water-based paint always has its shelf life and after a period of use, the paint layer has the phenomenon of peeling and dust. Therefore, for at least 1 year you have to repaint once to ensure the safety and aesthetics of the house. Without new paint, the walls of the house will quickly deteriorate. At that time, the cost to fix and repair is very large.

Therefore, outdoor wall tiles are an optimal choice. Although the initial investment cost is higher, you only need to build it once and you have a durable, beautiful tile wall that can be used for a long time.


1. Weather conditions

When thinking of outdoor wall cladding materials, many people immediately think of durable natural stone. Like marble (marble), slate, or granite…. However, few people know that natural stone is porous and easy to absorb water. Natural stone can crack when the weather is too cold, after freezing.

Many experts consider porcelain tile as a material that can be well-compatible in all weather conditions. This type of brick is said to be very strong and less porous than natural stone. Therefore, they do not crack in freezing weather.

In addition, porcelain tiles are also suitable for places with high temperatures. Because they can resist ultraviolet rays and the color will not fade in the sun. As a result, your home stays new and vibrant over time. As can be seen, weather conditions are quite an important criteria that you should consider when choosing outdoor wall tiles.

2. Tile’s waterproofing ability

Outdoor wall tiles need to have the maximum waterproofing to help keep your house from getting wet and moldy when subjected to the effects of the weather. If the outdoor wall tiles are of poor quality, it will make your wall easily absorb water when it rains, and after a while, mold will appear and soak into the inside of the house. This will greatly affect the quality of life of the family.

3. The surface of the tile

Regarding the surface of outdoor wall tiles, there should be an enamel coating to prevent scratches, cracks, and corrosion.

According to experts, the more smooth and glossy the exterior wall tiles are, the easier they will be to clean, clean as well as limit water absorption. However, some outdoor wall areas require wall tiles with a rough surface to ensure aesthetics and uniqueness, this reduces water resistance, leading to a shorter life of the tile.

Although they are all outdoor spaces, they are also divided into different zones:

+ Areas that are easily soiled or subject to a lot of impacts should choose a smooth, easy-to-clean outdoor wall tile model.

+ Areas subject to impact forces such as wind direction, trees, and frequent travel places should choose outdoor wall tiles with hard bones with a non-glossy surface that can withstand the impact of external forces and resist abrasion.

4. Color of tile

Just like when choosing interior wall tiles, choosing the color of outdoor wall tiles will help create a highlight and difference for the exterior space.

+ For exterior areas that lack light, or are hidden by other houses, or trees, it is advisable to choose light-colored exterior wall tiles if using dark wall tiles will make spaces to become dull and gloomy, lifeless.

+ In contrast, for exterior spaces with a lot of light, you can choose dark, neutral facade wall tiles.

Another thing is that when combining colors to create contrast can give a great look in your space. Paying attention to this helps you get rid of unwanted tile colors.

5. Fit between the outdoor wall tiles and the design style of the house

The way to choose wall tiles creates harmony with the overall style for both inside and outside space. Help create connection, and openness for your architecture. In addition, pay attention to the right mix of styles. Or simply use the same architectural style for both the interior and exterior of the house.

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Porcelain tiles are a lot harder and more durable than ceramic tiles however you still need to get the right tile for outdoor use, preferably with a high slip resistance to make them safe in all weather. Vitrified porcelain is best as it’s impervious to frost, mold, and stains making it a great investment year after year.


Granite tiles are one of the best materials that can be used as outdoor wall tiles for your home. Granite for an exterior wall is usually glazed and polished. Strength adds to the durability of outdoor wall tiles and, as a result, it is more resistant to harsh weather conditions.

There are a few downsides to using granite as exterior wall tiles. It is very porous so these exterior wall tiles will have to be laminated or sealed frequently. Exterior wall granite tiles are also quite expensive.


Travertine is a form of limestone, mined from many parts of the world, and is abundant in Turkey and China. The quality and water resistance of the travertine exterior wall stone depends on the quarry. With very hard characteristics and rough texture, Travertine stone ensures durability. It is also a very cost-effective choice when it comes to outdoor wall tiles.

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Using natural stone to design outdoor wall tiles is very popular in India. They come in a variety of shapes, such as thinner versions of natural stone or abstract shapes of natural stone. Any shape of natural stone such as outdoor wall tile design gives a very classy, unique look.


Australiatiler is pleased to share with you useful information about outdoor wall tiles. Through this article, hope you will choose the right type of tile for your outdoor area. Make them come alive, and improve the space and quality of life of the family. Quickly contact us via the hotline at 041515999 or visit the Australiatiler website to receive the best advice and offers on tile and flooring services.

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