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Many current construction works such as houses, schools, high-rise buildings,… cannot lack the tiling stage. The tiling stage requires careful and meticulous execution. And requires skilled tilers. The construction or use of professional tiler services with proper technique. It will increase the beauty as well as prolong the life of the building. Through this article, Australiatiler would like to introduce to you the best tiler service in Sydney and the most reasonable price today.

Why should you use the professional tiler service of Australiatiler?

As mentioned, tiling of the brick floor must be done properly and requires a highly qualified tiler. You should use the tile tiled service of really reputable and quality units. If you still have questions, concerns or do not know which service provider has good quality, please contact Australiatiler immediately. In addition, we also provide other services such as: Screeding Service, provide a wide range of tiles with different textures, provide marble,…

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Benefits of using our services:

Shorten construction time in tiler service

The correct implementation of techniques, ensuring aesthetics are the criteria of Australiatiler‘s activities. Using our company’s tiling service will help you save maximum construction time and complete the project.

A team of skilled tilers with highly skills in tiled service

Australiatiler boasts a team of professional technicians and has many years of experience in this field of tiling services. With a team of skilled technicians, we are committed to bringing the best quality to customers when the construction process is completed. Ensuring quality, bringing trust and satisfaction to customers is the top priority of our company.

Use specialized equipment

In order for the construction process to be efficient and to ensure quality, we equip a team of technicians with all the necessary specialized equipment. With these devices, the process will be more efficient, speeding up the completion of the work, thereby saving maximum time.

Cleaning after construction Tiler service with reasonable and clear price

For the cleaning and sanitation problem after construction, customers can be completely assured and confident when using our floor tiling service. We always clean and tidy the construction site after each construction day. This is also an issue that we always focus on to bring satisfaction to customers.

Tiler service with reasonable and clear price

Tiler service with reasonable and clear price

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Price and cost are always the top concerns of customers when using services. When using Australiatiler‘s tiler service, customers will be consulted with the right price, receive the clearest, most detailed and accurate quotation. We promise that there will be no additional costs during the construction process. Australiatiler understands that transparency in pricing is a prerequisite for building trust with customers.

A few notes when installing tiling

Tile tiling is one of the last steps before the project is completed. This stage requires the tiler to be really careful and skillful so that the tiles when facing must be aligned, stick together and not blistered. Therefore, a standard tiling service should have the following requirements:

+ Before tiling, it is necessary to check and treat the surface to be tiled clean and flat. The surface to be applied needs to be waterproof so that the tile can stick better.

+ The tiling stage is done when other stages are completed such as: ceiling construction, ceiling painting, electrical system installation, air conditioning, stairs,…

+ If tile adhesive is used, it should be applied on both the surface to be tiled and the back of the tile to increase the stickiness of the tile.

+ The distance between the bricks must be carefully measured and calibrated. The best distance between bricks is 1-2mm. It is advisable to leave a gap between the bricks because during the use of bricks there will be expansion due to heat. If the gap is not left, shadow and tile deviation will occur. That’s why choosing a company that has professional tiled services is extremely important.

+ Must clean the grout adhesive on the tile surface right during construction. Because if left for too long, the tiles are easily stained, discolored, and more difficult to clean.

+ The right time to grout the tile is overnight after laying the tile. Please note that before grouting the gaps between the bricks must be clean, without any residual materials left during the construction process.

+ The choice of grout powder must match the tile color. Must be constantly cleaned during the greasing process.

cleaning tile floors

+ When cleaning tile floors, do not use chemicals with too high concentration because they will wear, damage the tile or lose the brightness of the tile.

Some of our typical projects

Some of our typical projects

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The process of performing tiler services of Australiatiler

Step 1: Our tiler will clean the surface of the part to be applied, then sweep the bonding layer.

Step 2: After cleaning, we will proceed to roll the foundation and measure the most accurate slope. This is an extremely important step and must be done carefully for the following steps to be effective.

Step 3: Carry out tiling according to the correct technique and standards.

Step 4: Clean the surface of the tiled tiles, then clean the grout between the tiles.

Step 5: Proceed to inject glue, rub grout for the tile floor. This step will bring beauty to the tiled floor

Step 6: Check and clean the entire surface of the tile and hand it over to the customer.

Australiatiler provides customers with prestigious tiler services and quality assurance, the best price today. Quickly contact us by visiting Australiatiler website directly for advice and best deals.

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