The House Will Increase In Value If There Is A Beautiful Swimming Pool

With the desire to improve their quality of life and spend more private time at home than usual, many people have chosen to install a swimming pool in their homes to help them have a comfortable and cool summer season. A swimming pool can be a fun, attractive addition to a home’s view and utility and often increases its value. But is the cost of building, installing, and maintaining the pool worth it? Does a pool add value to a home when it comes time to sell? Or is it the opposite: a hindrance that makes a home less attractive to prospective buyers? Let’s Australiatiler consider a few things below before you decide to build and design a swimming pool for your home.


As of 2018, nearly 2.7 million Aussies lived in a home with a swimming pool – or around 13% of the population – according to Roy Morgan.

Compared to a 2015 Roy Morgan survey, where 12% of the population had a pool, that’s an increase of at least a few hundred-thousand people. So clearly pools are popular and may be becoming more so.

But how much value do they add? According to HouseLogic, a pool can lift your home’s value by up to 7%, but it’s usually under certain circumstances.

Some of these factors include the climate where you live, the kinds of people you’re selling to, and the type of pool you install – but more on these shortly.

While many pool installation companies may claim that adding one can add hundreds of thousands of dollars to your potential sale price, the reality isn’t as straightforward.


Aesthetic: The swimming pool creates a harmonious whole for the house, making the surrounding landscape more attractive. Blue color brings clarity and relaxation to the house.

Convenience: help your family comfortably swim, relax and enjoy a healthy private life.

Air conditioning: steam from the pool helps keep the house cool and comfortable.

Show the style of the owner: swimming pool design is quite diverse, and each style has its own unique and impressive features. Highlight the personality of the host.


If you’re thinking of installing a pool, but are concerned about the potential impact on your home’s value, there are a few things you can do to increase the likelihood of it becoming an asset rather than a liability.

  • Go for a high-quality pool: In-ground pools are generally more expensive, but they’re considered more valuable to a home than above-ground ones. So, if your budget allows, you may want to go for the former. Concrete in-ground pools are the best type.
  • Keep the design classic: Investing in good lighting, landscaping, tiling and other parts of the pool area can add value, too. But when it comes to design, keep things relatively neutral and timeless.
  • Maintain your pool: A well-kept pool is much more likely to increase a home’s value than one that’s looking a little worse for wear. Keep the pool clean, tidy up the landscaping, maintain the paving and any features like waterfalls and slides, and perform repairs as necessary.


To build a complete swimming pool, with full features and utilities, takes a lot of money. Here, Australiatiler will suggest some detailed information about the cost of building a swimming pool to help you plan your budget in the best way.

  • Cost of swimming pool design

At this stage, the design and construction unit will collect the opinions and wishes of the homeowner on the shape and design of the pool. Based on that, the architect will customize and give a design that best suits the requirements of the customer. To minimize the costs incurred in the most optimal way, the investor will need a complete set of swimming pool design documents with 3 main designs:

+ Design 2D and 3D architecture

+ Structural design of swimming pools

+ Electrical and water design with full diagram of water filtration system – pool water supply and drainage and electrical system for pool lights and pool pumps.

  • The cost of building a swimming pool for the first time

The cost of construction of the rough part will include planning the land sample, leveling the ground, pressing the pool concrete pile, building the wall around the pool, and pouring concrete for the bottom and wall of the pool.

This cost may vary depending on the different projects as well as the geological conditions of the location to build the pool.

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  • Pool finishing cost

The finishing stage of the pool will include waterproofing, tiling, painting, and decorating the pool.

+ Cost of swimming pool waterproofing

There are many options for waterproofing items such as heat torch, use of waterproofing chemicals, etc. with different features and prices.

+ The cost of swimming pool tiles

PVC Polyester tank wall and bottom sheet, replacing ceramic swimming pool tiles. The price is also quite reasonable.

Swimming pool paving stone is quite high, so it is usually only used for family swimming pool projects, or high-class resorts with a small area.

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  • Cost of swimming pool equipment

+ Swimming pool water filtration system

For swimming pools, the water filtration system is an extremely important pool equipment. Depending on the size of the lake as well as the needs of use to consider and choose the right product. Some of the most commonly used swimming pool pump brands today are Minder (China), Emaux (China), Kripsol (Spain), Astralpool (Spain), …

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+ Sand filter and pool pump

Most of the current sand filters are manufactured using European technology and popular in the market are products of the brands Emaux, Minder, Waterco, Kripsol, Astralpool,…

  • Other utility costs for the swimming pool

In addition, depending on the purpose of use, the owner can equip other pool utilities such as pool lights and pool electrolyzers,…

The pool light system makes the pool space more sparkling and eye-catching

The pool electrolyzer works to automatically disinfect, and reduce chlorine accumulation to keep your pool clean, safe, and clear.

  • The Cost of Upkeep

All pools require that the water be balanced for proper pH, alkalinity, and calcium levels. They also need sanitizing to control bacteria and germs, which is where chlorine has traditionally entered the picture.

These days you have a variety of options, including systems that use bromine, salt, ozone, ionizers, or other chemical compounds that can be less irritating to the skin. Chlorine remains the most popular because the upfront costs are reasonable, and you don’t have to be as rigid about checking the levels on a set schedule.

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With the competition of the market as well as the development of the construction industry, more and more new building materials are born, so the construction costs of the contractors will not differ too much. Therefore, customers should not be too worried about the price but should find a professional, experienced, reputable, dedicated, honest, and responsible swimming pool construction unit for the project.

For the most accurate advice for each project and location to build a swimming pool, customers can contact us for support by our team of consultants and architects via the hotline at 041515999 or visit our website. Visit our website Australiatiler to get the best deals

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