Introduction Of Floor Screeding Service

Floor screeding is the basis for finishing the floor and greatly affects the quality, performance and durability of the entire floor system. Therefore, Floor screeding is a vital construction step after the construction is completed. So, what is floor screeding and what is the requirement for a perfect screed? Let’s find out with Australiatiler through this article!

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The floor screeding consists of cement and sand materials mixed based on a suitable mix design and applied to provide a level surface for the floor finish to be applied to the surface of the screed.

Screeding is the step of using mortar to smooth the surface that has just been built. The substrate layer after screeding must be smooth and have a certain grip. Before screeding, it must be cleaned of impurities to better bond the smooth surface.


Materials used for floor screeding must be of the right type, quality and color. The mixing, use and storage of screeding materials shall be in accordance with the requirements of the material manufacturer. The screed material can be:

  • Cement
  • Clean and sharp sand
  • Water
  • And occasionally additives are added to obtain specific properties. Polymer materials or metal mesh or glass are likely to be introduced to reinforce the screed.

floor screeding service


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It is necessary to measure and adjust the appropriate amount of water to ensure the adhesion of the screeding because too much water will reduce the strength of the screed and insufficient water will lead to poor compaction.


The cost of floor screeding is usually priced per square meter. The overall price you may pay for screed depends on factors including location, required screed area, and the type of screed you choose.


In addition to the above factors, we also need to consider more about the number of workers involved in the construction as well as the distance to transport materials to your location.


From renovating houses, classrooms, parks, theaters or building offices and apartments to upgrading warehouses and new large and small supermarkets. Floor screeding is ideal for most construction projects.


The type motar of grout that is best for your project depends entirely on your requirements as well as the traffic to your space.


Estimate materials used for screeding

Step 1: Evaluate the surface of the base, Estimate materials used for screeding

Step 2: Prepare the base and Prepare the floor screed mixture

  • Construction workers need to know about mortar mixing ratio and effective screeding technique
  • Prepare a clean, free substrate when screeding. Especially the mortar or the peeling wall layer on the ground
  • The base can be moistened to reduce dryness to help increase bonding when rolling.
  • Ensure completion of moisture-proofing, waterproofing,… To avoid wasting the substrate.


Step 3: Determine the location of the floor screeding

  • It is necessary to accurately determine the area as well as the position of the floor screeding in the construction for the best construction process

Step 4: Apply bonding agents such as water or bonding slurry, Place the floor screed mixture

  • The worker will spread the cement mortar that has been mixed
  • Add the mortar for the convex and concave positions. Then, choose a suitable surface rub method (screeding is used to install wooden floors, wood grain plastic floors. Sanding to tile ceramic tiles, marble tiles)

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Step 5: Evaluation and acceptance of screed according to the following criteria

  • The floor of the house is flat, there are no abnormal protrusions.
  • The dry base has a connection, no grit and big sand.
  • The floor screeding must be durable, no cracks or hollow sounds appear.


In the projects undertaken by Australiatiler, customers always receive the most satisfaction, because of the advantages:


Australiatiler have two types of floor screeding available

When it comes to floor screeding, the type of screed used depends on the requirements of the project. We provides customers with 2 types of flooring as follow:

  • Sand and Cement Screeding: Traditional sand and cement screed is an economical solution to achieve premium floor finish. It uses sharp sand, cement and a very low quantity of water that enables easy application and promises durability. However, the application of sand cement screed is what makes it a better choice. An inexperienced mason or professional will do more harm than good and will result in wastage of resources, time and money.


  • High Quality Screeding for Walls and Floors: That’s why Australiatiler has highly skilled professionals in the team that have a solid foundation in structural engineering and do the job to perfection. As we used a ready-mixed floor screeding, our focus is mainly on the application. For that, we use high-end tools and products that ensure uniformity, semi-dry consistency and smoothness, and give your walls and floors the desired finish. We follow the structural guidelines and customise the process, so you get exactly what you wish for -smooth, even, long-lasting and premium floor coverings.

Quality assurance of the project

The project is guaranteed quality as the initial commitment of Australiatiler. By, we Select suitable screed floor type, Produce right and suitable floor screed mixture, Construct floor screed using appropriate and acceptable screed placement process,…

Ensure the project completion time and schedule


What sets us apart from our competitors is our long-term experience, along with an exceptionally high-quality of workmanship, guaranteed build-time and close attention to detail. We believe that beautifully liveable contemporary homes of high quality materials should also be affordable within reach of most customers.

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Cost optimization for your project

Price and cost are always the top concerns of customers when using services. When using Australiatiler’s screeding service, customers will be consulted with the right price, receive the clearest, most detailed and accurate quotation. We promise that there will be no additional costs during the construction process. Australiatiler understands that transparency in pricing is a prerequisite for building trust with customers.

Australiatiler provides customers with reputable and quality floor screeding services, at an affordable price. Quickly contact us by visiting Australiatiler website or calling us directly for advice and best deals.

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