What Is The Meaning Of Australiatiler’s Logo?


At first glance, we can see the image of a shovel. This is a general symbol of the construction industry, which is typical for Australiatiler‘s services of tiling and screeding floors. It also clearly shows the field and industry that Australiatiler is aiming for.

The image of a dragon is delicately integrated inside the shovel, showing the business’s strength, majesty, and prosperous development. The dragon symbolizes goodness, luck is the power of life.

Known in Eastern feng shui, Dragon is one of the four spirits including Dragon, Lan, Quy, and Phung, Dragon is the first animal. Therefore, the dragon symbolizes power and supreme leadership. The dragon image in the logo symbolizes Australiatiler‘s aspirations and ambitions to rise and develop at the top in the field of construction such as tiling, flooring, etc. in the Sydney area and New South Wales as well.

According to an old legend, dragons have the power to create weather, rain and thunderstorms, light from the sun, sea breeze, and land, bring bountiful crops, all things multiply, and cool air. Dragons can regulate the principles of heaven and earth, bestowing goodness in the world. This animal is a symbol of boundless strength, helping businesses thrive, so it has the ultimate meaning in feng shui.

About words

The phrase “AU.TILERS” is an abbreviation of the name of Australiatiler. Combined with the phrase “Fast and Perfect”, our company is pleased to serve our customers quickly and perfectly is the message we want to convey through this logo. In addition, Australiatiler also upholds professionalism, dedication to customers, and a progressive spirit.

About color

The color combination of yellow and brown represents optimism, positivity, lightness, and warmth. In addition, yellow also represents creativity and vitality, implying that Australiatiler is always ready for each new movement of the world, constantly creating and innovating in each project to suit each requirement of the customer.



Our ambition is to make Australiatiler a prestigious and powerful construction corporation, leading in construction services with world-class standards, contributing to enhancing the pride and value of the Australian brand in the home country as well as globally; since then, becoming a positive factor contributing to the sustainable development of the world economy.

We pioneered the application of new technologies and techniques in construction (tiling, screeding, …), which helps to improve efficiency and work results, contributing to affirming Australiatiler‘s position in Australia and around the world.


Australiatiler‘s mission is to bring peace of mind and resonance benefits to customers; creating a civilized and sustainable society with products and services with outstanding advantages, saving resources, and being friendly to the environment.

Business Philosophy

A business succeeds and develops sustainably only when all members are ready to serve customers with all their passion and love for the profession, always putting the interests of customers first; wholeheartedly contributing to society with all their talents and enthusiasm.



During the process of formation and development, Australiatiler always considers employees as an important factor contributing to the growth of the business. We are confident that our team of skilled masons and tilers with over 10 years of experience will lead the way in the future, both in the Sydney area and in New South Wales.

At Australiatiler, the spirit of self-study to improve professional qualifications is always encouraged. We always create favorable conditions for employees to participate in internal and external courses to help employees develop working skills, improve knowledge, improve skills and promote their abilities. creativity at work.

Australiatiler would like to thank you for taking the time to visit our website. To get the best service experience from our company, please contact us at 0415165999 or visit the Australiatiler website directly for the fastest and best advice. Australiatiler is always ready to listen and share the thoughts, wishes, and secret experiences of customers with each product or service. We are a family!

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