Why Should I Choose Herringbone Tiles For The Floor?

Beautiful floors are an important factor that creates the beauty of the house. To get a beautiful floor, not only choosing the right floor tiles but also choosing the suitable tiling method contributes to creating a unique and new appearance for the house. There are many tiling methods such as traditional tiling, diagonal tiling, and staggered tiling,… In today’s article, let’s Australiatiler learn about herringbone tile, the herringbone tile method for floors, its benefits, and the right place to apply this style of floor tiles!

Herringbone floor tiles are gaining popularity in home decoration. This classic model can be found everywhere; From chic bars and stylish hotels to the high fashion stage…This tile pattern is very popular because of its ability to create accents for any space. Herringbone depicts a design with the shape and bone structure of herring.

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The herringbone model on the tiling has its roots in Roman times. The builders will adjust and arrange the tiles in a herringbone pattern. This way of tiling creates unique and lively floors. The herringbone tile method was applied in the construction of wooden flooring in the 16th century and was widely used until the second half of the 18th century.

Herringbone tiles are quite common in ancient buildings

Herringbone tiles are quite common in ancient buildings

Herringbone wood flooring is often reserved for the rich and noble. Commonly used in ancient castles, palaces, and churches in Europe, showing the luxury and high-class houses from ancient times.

The entrance to the gate is made of herringbone tiles

Nowadays, with the development of tiling materials, manufacturers have launched a variety of different materials to meet everyone’s tiling needs. Therefore, herringbone tiling is no longer limited to wood materials, this type of tiling can be applied to a variety of different tiling materials, giving homeowners and builders their creativity. In addition, many manufacturers also produce a lot of type tiles with “measured” sizes and shapes specifically for this herringbone tiling method.

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Australiatiler encourages you to consider herringbone tiles for floors due to their incredible versatility, timelessness, and variety of colors – sure to match your interior style.

To find out why herringbone floor tiles are extremely popular on the market today, Australiatiler would like to “reveal” the outstanding advantages of this tile.

1. Create a visual effect, making the space look larger

Compared with traditional square and rectangular tiles, herringbone tiles will create a more airy visual effect. The square or rectangular tiles have a large area, so when tiling the floor, it will create a feeling of narrow space.

Herringbone floor tiles make the space larger

On the contrary, thanks to the small size of bricks with the design of wooden bars, the small tiles are installed perpendicularly, interwoven to form diagonal lines of herringbone tiles, which helps to optimize the width and length of the space. time. Thanks to this, when looking the feeling that the house becomes more spacious.

2. Easy to mix and match multiple tile patterns on the same floor surface

As Australiatiler mentioned above, herringbone tiles have many designs with many different tiling ways. Therefore, depending on personal taste, homeowners can create a home space by combining multiple tile patterns on the same floor.

Herringbone floor tiles are easy to mix many patterns on the same floor, helping to create a unique space

If the homeowner is a lover of novelty, the combination of many herringbone tile patterns on the same background will bring a unique uniqueness, marking “sovereignty”, not duplicated anywhere else.

3. Show the owner’s aesthetic taste

One of the outstanding advantages of herringbone tiles is the unique design that “picks up” users. Wanting to mix this type of tile so that it is both beautiful and harmonious is a difficult problem, requiring the homeowner to have an understanding of handling layout, color, as well as a certain aesthetic taste. Although it is difficult to coordinate, if this tile pattern can be installed, the living space will be enhanced and show the distinct style of the homeowner, ensuring uniqueness, newness, and no duplication.

Herringbone tile flooring contributes to highlighting the owner’s personality


Herringbone floor tiles can be used in most indoor as well as outdoor spaces, due to their outstanding suitability, from spacious living rooms to smaller spaces such as bedrooms, bathrooms, corridors, walkways…

Herringbone wood tiles make the living room luxurious and classy

Gray herringbone wall tiles and white walls are the perfect color combination

The living room becomes more elegant and simple with herringbone tiled floor

The bedroom is comfortable and cozy with herringbone tile floors

Herringbone floor tiles help create a more open and airy space effect for the kitchen

Herringbone floor tiles help create a more open and airy space effect for the kitchen

Tile the bathroom floor with white herringbone tiles to help the space look clean and stain-free

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Gray herringbone wall tiles create accents for the bathroom space

Wooden floors and herringbone tile walls make the bathroom space warm and comfortable

The walkway becomes very ancient and spacious with herringbone tile

On the market today, there are many suppliers of herringbone tiles with diverse designs, sizes, and colors. If you are wondering which address to choose, come to Australiatiler. We are proud to be a reputable unit specializing in providing genuine construction materials from big brands.

Hopefully, the above information we bring will help you have more useful information about this unique herringbone tile and tile method. In addition, Australiatiler also provides screeding and tiling services for your floors with guaranteed quality and affordable prices. Quickly contact us via the hotline at 041515999 or visit our website Australiatiler to receive the best advice and offers.

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