Best Outdoor Tile Ideas For Your Verandah

For many people, home is not only a place to stay, it is also a place to help nourish our souls, balance our emotions, and energize after a long tiring day at work. The verandah is the perfect place to do such things. You can both sunbathe and sip a cup of coffee early in the morning or relax in the cool night breeze after dinner, everyone from children to the elderly in the family gathers to eat together. drink, chat, chat… In addition to choosing furniture, planting plants, and decorating… the fastest way to have a perfect verandah look is to choose the right verandah tiles. This enhances the look of your verandah.

Like the balcony or other outdoor spaces, the verandah is a space that is often affected by the weather such as rain, sun, wind, dust,…, so choosing floor tiles for this space plays an important role. Importantly, verandah tiles must ensure criteria such as good bearing capacity, heat resistance, durability, and beauty over the years. Through this article, Australiatiler will give you some tips to choose tiles for your verandah, and also suggest some ideas for choosing beautiful verandah tiles.

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1. Choose tiles suitable for the area of ​​the verandah

Depending on the area to be used, each person will choose different tile types. If the verandah has a narrow area, you should choose small tile patterns. Tiles of the same small size will bring harmony and sophistication. With a large verandah and open space, you should choose large-sized verandah tiles. Because it will help increase the spaciousness and openness of the verandah.

2. Choose verandah tiles that match the overall architecture of the house

Each person will have their style and their orientation on the right architectural style of the house. In the design of the verandah, the choice of verandah tiles is also very important. This helps balance as well as create cohesion between the verandah and the whole architecture. Choose the right verandah tiles from size to color and design that will make your home more prominent and impressive. Increase the aesthetics of your home.

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3. Choose verandah tiles of the right shape and material

Today’s tile products are very diverse in terms of materials and shapes of products. Of all, Ceramics tiles, granite, ceramics, natural stone, …. are popular and popular materials. The verandah is a high-traffic area frequented by people. Therefore, good-bearing tiles are the priority when choosing tiles for this space.

In addition, it is recommended to choose tile models with effective water and good heat resistance for the verandah area. Because this is an outdoor space, often subject to many impacts from weather such as energy, rain, wind, and snow,… Rainwater splashed over a long time can be covered with moss, easily wet, causing slippery for users. Moss in tiles also causes a loss of aesthetics for the house. Therefore, finding anti-moss tiles is the best choice. However, you should not choose tiles that are too rough, this will make them difficult to clean and clean.

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1. Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is a popular choice at an affordable price

Ceramic tiles are very diverse in designs, textures, and colors… at the same time, the prices are affordable, so they are popular with people. However, to keep beautiful ceramic tiles safe in wet environments such as balconies and verandahs is not a simple problem. Ceramic tiles have a softer and more porous texture than other types of tiles, so the floor layer is prone to water penetration and cracking, leading to damage and loss of aesthetics. Therefore, you should only choose ceramic tiles for covered patios or verandahs that are not subject to much change from inclement weather.

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2. Porcelain Tile

Smooth porcelain tile has high aesthetics

Porcelain tiles have a quite hard texture, are less porous and denser than ceramic tiles. So, it is also more durable and sturdier than ceramic tiles. In addition, this type of tile is also water and heat-resistant, so porcelain tiles are very suitable for making outdoor verandah tiles.

3. Granite tile

Granite has advantages such as high durability, easy cleaning, and high friction to help ensure the safety of family members. In particular, this stone is water resistant, so it will be less likely to be covered with moss during use. Ensure the aesthetics of your home.

Luxury verandah with granite tile floors

You can find granite in a variety of colors, including dark colors like black and gray and lighter colors like blue or orange.

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4. Quarry Tile

This material is well-suited for paving verandahs and exteriors. Terracotta clay has a typical color of beige, brown, and red, a small square/rectangular shape, especially suitable if used on floors with outdoor spaces such as verandahs, and balconies.

Using quarry tiles with a unique way of paving, bringing an ancient and nostalgic look at the space

Materials from terracotta are typical of southern countries (Europe) and bring pure Mediterranean architectural flair. Quarry tiles are used in a variety of ways, from building to flooring. This type of brick possesses high durability and is suitable for many different architectural styles.

5. Stone Natural Tile

Natural stone is formed underground by the accumulation of countless inorganic plant and animal carcasses in seawater over millennia. With a long history of formation, the stone has been tempered for durability and beautiful aesthetics. Because of this feature, natural stone paving for verandahs and patios has gradually become popular in construction and residential architectural projects.

Natural stone tiles bring a unique and impressive verandah

The verandah floor tiles with natural stone give us a rustic feeling, close to nature. Stones have many different shapes, sizes, and colors, which are put together according to a unified subject.

6. Wooden floor

Wooden flooring is becoming a new trend and is highly appreciated.

Exterior design trends began to shift towards modernity and favor environmentally friendly materials. In fact, wooden flooring has gradually replaced ceramic tiles to become the preferred material in modern designs. Not only bringing a luxurious aesthetic to the space, but wood also has many advantages such as durability, and good insulation to help keep warm in winter, and cool in summer, making family life more comfortable. So choosing wooden flooring is a wise decision for your verandah.

7. Patterned Tiles

The small, narrow verandah is an iconic feature of Australian heritage architecture. It can be said that the verandah is a quintessential component of Australian indigenous architecture. Patterned tiles are typical of this design style, and the tiled verandah with patterned tiles becomes more prominent and unique.

Patterned tile  is typical of Australian Indigenous design

Today, there are many suppliers of verandah tiles with diverse sizes and designs on the market. If you are wondering which address to choose, come to Australiatiler. We are proud to be a reputable unit specializing in providing genuine construction materials from big brands.

Hopefully, the above information that we bring will help you save time choosing to own a satisfactory outdoor verandah space! In addition, Australiatiler also provides screeding and tiling services for your floors with guaranteed quality and affordable prices. Quickly contact us via the hotline at 041515999 or visit our website Australiatiler to receive the best advice and offers.

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