Top 10 Best Tiled Shower Ideas

There are many ideas for shower tiles as well as tile colors, designs, and sizes of tiles. The only design rule to follow is to choose waterproof, durable shower floor tiles and ensure that the subfloor is carefully coated. Before you start tiling your bathroom, take the time to find out tile types and see which materials will best suit your taste and design style. Many styles can make for beautiful shower tile ideas, including ceramic, stone, glass, marble, granite, mosaic, and more.

Once you’ve chosen your tile material, it’s time to unleash your creative imagination to create a relaxing and comfortable private shower space. Here, Australiatiler will suggest you some unique tile ideas for your shower space!

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1. Anti-slip shower floor tiles

The anti-slip feature is a top priority when choosing floor tiles for the shower. Because the shower is a place that is often exposed to water and detergents, it is easy to slip and fall for family members, especially young children and the elderly. The types of tiles with anti-slip properties help users feel more secure and are the first choice when looking for floor tiles for the shower.

2. Waterproof floor shower tiles

As mentioned above, the shower is a place that is often exposed to water, the floor is soaked in water for a long time is easy to damage the floor, creating conditions for bacteria and mold to penetrate and damage the floor. Affects aesthetics as well as the health of users.

Experts recommend that you choose tiles with effective waterproof materials, this helps homeowners save maintenance costs later while ensuring the aesthetics as well as the health of members in the family.

3. Easy to clean and wipe

Each tile material has its advantages and disadvantages. Cleaning the shower will be simpler when you choose tiles with materials such as granite tiles, marble tiles, and ceramic tiles,… It is not recommended that you choose tiles with many grooves or that the surface is too rough, which makes it difficult to clean and wipe the shower.

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4. Tiles are durable, and have good bearing capacity

Floor tiles in any area need to ensure durability and good bearing capacity. Should choose tile products with a large stone powder composition, this gives optimal bearing effect.


Elegant white-tone shower tiles

White tone tiles show sophistication and minimalism for your shower space

White is the basic color, so this is the most used color in interior design. Representing the beauty of modern, sophisticated, and elegant but also very luxurious and classic. White can help smaller spaces look larger. It can also make rooms look more alive, fresh, and crisp. Especially white can easily coordinate with any color to create a wonderful shower space.

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Stylish and modern gray-tone shower tiles

White with gray is the perfect combination for the shower space

The gray shower tile idea has a very modern beauty, without worrying about going out of fashion. The gray color is suitable for many different shower spaces, including small spaces. Using neutral gray tone tiles brings highlights to the shower space.

Warm, classic yellow-tone shower tiles

Yellow-tone shower tiles bring a vintage and classic space

Yellow is considered a warm color, symbolizing the sun and warmth. Dark yellow represents an explosion of energy, full of happiness, and optimism. As for the gentle light yellow like lemon yellow, orange-yellow creates grace and elegance. Choosing yellow tiles, you can combine them with many other colors such as cream, white, green, and blue,… to create a new and lively feeling for the shower space.

Dynamic and fresh green-tone shower tiles

The color combination between blue and white is not a bad choice

Blue and sky blue are the favorite colors for interior design in the shower. Blue color shower tiles are simple and gentle. Use light blue colors to keep the bathroom clean. Bring fresh space, create a feeling of dynamism, full of life. A great idea for a shower space.

Mysterious and luxurious black-tone shower tiles

Black marble tiles bring a sense of sophistication, mystery, and luxury to the bathroom

Black tiles represent mysterious beauty as well as a symbol of power, uniqueness, and personality. Flexible, attracting light, black tiles can be combined with a variety of colors to create a luxurious and modern shower space.

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Herringbone pattern wall shower tiles

Herringbone pattern wall tiles create decorative accents for the bathroom space

Herringbone pattern shower wall tiles are very popular these days. With unique and novel textures, it gives the shower space a personality, outstanding, and extremely impressive.

Luxury simple wood imitation shower tiles

Shower tiles with luxurious imitation wood texture

Natural wood floors increase the beauty and warmth of any interior space. However, after using this type of floor, it is easy to be scratched, and termite, … if not kept carefully. Besides, the cost of natural wood floors is very high. In contrast, the brown wood imitation tiles produced include stone powder and clay. Therefore, they are highly durable and difficult to scratch.

Unique multi-colored mosaic square shower tiles

Small mosaic tiles with a variety of colors create a whole unique unity

Mosaic tiles are made into small tiles, so they are quite light and have high adhesion. Combine small tiles to create fancy colors. In addition, the mosaic tile is also resistant to acids and alkalis with perfect waterproofing and moisture resistance. Therefore, the durability of the product is very high from color, and pattern to the quality of each small tile. Therefore, this type of tile is very suitable for tiling shower tiles.

Classic Slate stone tiles in a minimalist, ancient style

If you are looking for a tile that is durable, simple to maintain and has a beautiful, individual aesthetic, then slate tile is for you. This shower tile idea is quite cool, bringing a close-to-nature atmosphere with beautiful wood tones.

Slate tiles create an impressive and unique feeling for the shower space

In addition, slate is popular for its waterproof feature, making it the perfect choice for high-traffic, accident-prone areas such as entrance halls and showers…

Patterned shower tiles with vintage, classical, neoclassical style

Patterned tiles have eye-catching textures, creating a highlight for the shower space

If the shower is designed in a gentle style, you can choose imitation gravel, rattan, or textured cement tiles to create accents. Patterned tiles have many designs, and textures with a variety of colors, spoiled for you to unleash your imagination with your shower space idea.

On the market today, there are many suppliers of shower tiles with diverse sizes, colors, and designs. If you are wondering which address to choose, come to Australiatiler. We are proud to be a reputable unit specializing in providing genuine construction materials from big brands.

Hopefully, the above information that we bring will help you save time choosing to own a satisfactory shower space! In addition, Australiatiler also provides screeding and tiling services for your floors with guaranteed quality and affordable prices. Quickly contact us via the hotline at 041515999 or visit our website Australiatiler to receive the best advice and offers.

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