Everything You Need to Know About Screeding Mix: Tips and Techniques

Are you planning a new construction project? Chances are you’ll need to use the screeding mix to create a smooth and level surface for your tiles, carpets, or other flooring types. However, concrete and screed mix are easy to confuse because they are made of the same basic ingredients – cement, aggregate, and water. At the same time, they have completely different properties and applications, leaving you wondering what is the best option for your project.

In this article, Australiatiler will give you everything you need to know about the screeding mix – what is it, and how is it different to concrete? You will find a full range of useful information to help you achieve a perfectly flat surface for your construction.

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The screeding mix includes sand, cement,...

The screeding mix includes sand, cement,…

Screeding mix, also known as a screed, is a unique type of concrete used to level the surface of an existing concrete subfloor. It’s made by adding water to cement and aggregates – just like regular concrete, but with different ratios of aggregates and grades of cement. The screeding mix is typically composed of cement, sand, and water, but may also contain other additives such as fibers, latex, or plasticizers to enhance its properties. This results in a much less coarse consistency than standard concrete, making it better suited to its purpose.


Typically, screeding mixes are used as a finish for floors or to create a level surface in preparation for applying floor coverings such as carpet, tile, stone, and wood. The screed is used after the concrete subfloor has been laid and can be laid over moisture-proof membranes, insulation, or underfloor heating piping.

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While screed and concrete are both composed of similar materials, they are different in terms of their composition, purpose, and application. Here are some of the key differences between screed and concrete:

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The screeding mix

The screeding mix

The screeding concrete

The screeding concrete



  • Use the Right Proportions

The key to creating a great screeding mix is to use the right proportions of cement, sand, and water. A typical mix consists of one part cement, two parts sand, and three parts water.

  • Mix the Ingredients Thoroughly

It is important to mix the ingredients thoroughly to ensure that the mix is consistent and free of lumps. A mixing machine or a cement mixer can make this process easier and faster.

  • Use Clean Water

Always use clean water when mixing the screeding mix. Dirty or contaminated water can affect the quality of the mix and compromise its strength and durability.

  • Add Admixtures

Admixtures such as plasticizers, accelerators, and retarders can be added to the screeding mix to improve its workability, strength, and setting time. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when adding admixtures.

Perfect base layer when screed with screeding mix

Perfect base layer when screed with screeding mix

Base floor layer after time to dry

Base floor layer after time to dry


  • Use a Screed Board

Use a screed board to level the surface

Use a screed board  to level the surface

A screed board is a long, flat board. It is placed at the edge of the screed surface and pulled towards you in a back-and-forth motion. This process is repeated until the entire surface is level.

  • Use a Power Screed

Use specialized equipment to screed the background

Use specialized equipment to screed the background

A power screed is a machine that is used to level the screeding mix quickly and efficiently. The machine vibrates the screed board, which helps to achieve a level surface in a fraction of the time it would take manually.

  • Fill Low Spots

Use a trowel to screed uneven spots

Use a trowel to screed uneven spots

If there are low spots or depressions in the screeded surface, they can be filled with additional screeding mix.


Overall, screeding mix is an essential component of any construction project that involves laying a concrete floor. By following the tips and techniques outlined in this article, you can achieve a smooth, level surface that is perfect for installing any type of flooring. Remember to use the right mix proportions, mix the ingredients thoroughly, and use clean water for best results.

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